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He shares the interesting factoid that reclaimed land has narrowed Hong Kong's main waterway, speeding up the rushing river to the point where it grew dangerous for small boats.Fact: When you're by yourself, interesting strangers are much more likely to chat with you.I sit in the window, taking in Hong Kong's most spectacular view (my room is on It's late, but my confused circadian rhythm boomerangs around and I get an inconvenient second wind.I hate the idea of tossing and turning when I could be exploring (almost as much as I hate lying wide awake next to a blissfully passed-out partner), so I ask the concierge for ideas and wind up in a cab to Temple Square's night market, a blinky, blustery area with street food, well-dressed teenagers, and row after row of stalls selling tchotchkes and souvenirs.So many couples do all their traveling together, and no shade, but I can't believe I didn't figure this out sooner.

I've hooked up with hot dudes in far corners of the world, and I finished my novel with my feet buried in Balinese sand.There's only one open spot inside the bus, next to a grandma sitting across a little table from her grandkids, so while couples who board with me must tromp to the open roof deck for sun-blasted seats, I sidle in with the family and cheerily plug in my headphones for the audio tour.Midday, I decide to depart from my red, double-decker chariot for lunch in Stanley Bay, a cool seaside town.Hotel rooms start with queen-size beds, most organized tours charge a premium for solo travelers, and every damn deal on Travelzoo bases its per-person prices on double occupancy.Not to mention how nice it is to have a date to every meal, a plus-one to every cultural outing, and someone to help you navigate as Google Maps inexplicably decides that you just airlifted yourself off the freeway and chirps, "rerouting! But something happened when I turned 30: I was single and there was so much of the world I wanted to see, I just said screw it, set aside more discretionary dollars, and began traveling with my own damn self. There's no one at home I terribly miss or need to check in with.

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